Brand Solutions

With the power of the portfolio across Enhance Oman, Fairtrade and MDC the Enhance Group is the leading multi-agency distributor in Oman.  Through the Brand solutions divisions in each company we provide the full range of sales, merchandising, trade market and RTM effectiveness for MNC and Regional Business Partners. We utilise the Power of 1 to optimise supply chain, logistics, customer management and back office but each of the business units is led by managers with independent sales teams and full P/L responsibility.

Within EO, FT and MDC we have dedicated Business Units for Reckitt Benckiser, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal , NAPCO , Mars Wrigley , BAT , Al Safi Danone and as lower trade specialist for Nestle Oman and Towell Unilever .

Within the companies we also have Business Units (BUs) in which a number of Agencies are represented , each having its own independent sales teams . Through these BUs we have distribution for :

  1. Enhance Oman :  California Garden , Colgate Palmolive , Kraft Heinz,  Kimberley Clark ,  Ulker, Energiser , Bahlsen, India Gate and others
  2. MDC : NFIC (Luna and AL Hamra) , Towell Unilever , Bayara, Americana Cakes , SC Johnson , Ghandour and the Diamond/Sultan brands owned by Enhance Group .

In Fairtrade we operate and manage the Bayara souk kiosks in each of the Carrefour stores in Oman and in some other outlets.

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