Enhance Oman

Enhance OmanIn Oman, Enhance Brand Solutions provides Distribution and Sales Management Solutions for global, international and regional Business Partners such as Reckitt, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Kraft Heinz, Weetabix, Colgate Palmolive, California Garden, British American Tobacco, Ulker, Ooredoo and many others. Retail Solutions serves hotels and ships through our Food Service Division. Enhance owns the Noor brand of neighbourhood supermarkets and also manages the majority of Omanoil forecourt convenience stores with over 50 shops.  

Enhance Oman is  the majority shareholding in Fairtrade (FT)  that provides enhanced Brand Distribution Solution to its major Business partners such as Towell Unilever, Napco,  and Al Safi Danone and its operation of the Bayara Souk within Carrefour and other retail outlets .   Enhance Oman is also the majority shareholder in Majan Distribution Company ( MDC ) which provides Brand Distribution Solutions to its major Business Partners such as NFIC ( Luna/Al Hamra) , Americana Cakes , Unilever International , SC Johnson , Bayara, and for the Diamond/Sultan brands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Matrah Cold Stores LLC (EO ) is a 51% partner in a joint venture with Nestlé S.A.- Nestlé Oman Trading (NOT) which commenced operations in January, 2003.

The company owns the Noor brand of over 20  neighbourhood convenience shops and manages 50+ Omanoil  Ahlain convenience shops in Oman on behalf of Omanoil which will continue to increase through 2012

The Company manages its Logistics operations through their extensive network of temperature controlled warehousing and fleet management. Enhance Group Oman products are distributed from its central facilities in Rumais and from depots in Wadikabir, Salalah, Sohar, Nizwa, a and Al Kamel serving over 2,500 outlets nationwide.

The Company benefits from the service of over 950 permanent employees including over 550 Omani nationals. The company is proud of its success and promotes its four key Values to all employees – Be Accountable, Excellence, Service and Teamwork. The Company encourages every employee to “Make A Difference”. All Divisions are P/L responsible and operate rigorous  KPI parameters that are regularly assessed.