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Enhance Group is a leading provider of Brand Distribution and Retail Solutions in Oman and provider of Distribution Solutions in the UAE and Kuwait, with Management of its Diamond brand and Food Processing and Water Bottling Business in UAE.

In Oman Enhance Group owns Enhance Oman (EO) and is the majority of Fairtrade (FT) and Majan Distribution Company (MDC) . Enhance group Oman  Brand Solutions provides Distribution and Sales Management Solutions for global, international and regional Business Partners such as Reckitt Benckiser, Johnson & Johnson,  Napco , Unilever , Kraft Heinz, Colgate Palmolive, California Garden,  Americana Cakes , Unilever International , Nestle , British American Tobacco, Bayara , Kimberly Clark, NFIC , Mars Wrigley’s, Ulker, L’Oreal, Ooredoo and many others. The Food Service Division serves hotels, restaurants, catering and ship chandelling channels. Enhance owns the Noor chain of neighbour supermarkets and also manages the majority of the Omanoil forecourt convenience stores with over 50 shops.

Enhance Group successfully manages the Diamond and Sultan brands across the region and provides brand partnership services to business partners seeking to enter the GCC markets..

The Enhance Group comprises of Enhance Oman , Fairtrade , MDC in Oman , Enhance UAE , Gulf Seafood (GSF) , TMP/PPP ( water bottling/preform manufacture) in the UAE AND  provides management support to the Towell international Holdings companies in Kuwait , Al Bustan Al Khaleeji and Al Bustan Al Watanayia .Thee are c 2,700 employees across the Companies and Markets.

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