Corporate Profile

Enhance has been operating in Oman for over 50 years and its leading supplier to Customers across the Sultanate. Enhance was established as a partnership between W. J. Towell and Spinneys in November 1967 and commenced activities in 1969. Spinneys had been operating since 1962 in Oman providing catering services for the oil companies. In 1992, Spinneys was acquired by Inchcape and then in 1999 W. J. Towell purchased Inchcape’s shares in MCS resulting in the Company being wholly owned by W.J.Towell & Co. LLC ( WJT) .  The WJT Group is owned by the Sultan Family and has as its 4 core pillars Food , Engineering , Real Estate and Automotive together with a number of Joint Ventures and their operating companies . WJT is been trading for over 150 years and is regarded as one of the premier family groups in the Sultanate of Oman .

Enhance is the trading name for Matrah Cold Stores LLC (MCS) which remains the name of the legal entity. The Enhance Group Companies in Oman  are Enhance Oman ( EO ) , Fairtrade ( FT ) and Majan Distribution Company . These are led by the Chief Operating Officer Mr. Anil Menon. Both FT and MDC are Joint Ventures  with two different Omani families but fully managed and operated  by Enhance Group .

Enhance Group Oman operates from five main Logistics centres across the Sultanate and operates over 150 vehicles . The company has invested heavily in Oracle and effective third party partnering for back office services . It is proud to be operating at over 50 % Omanisation employing over 750 Omani Nationals .  Enhance Group is regarded as the largest and leading multi agency distributor in Oman .