Fairtrade was established in 1974, Enhance is the majority shareholding in Fairtrade (FT). FT provides enhanced Brand Distribution Solution to its major Business partners such as Towell Unilever, Napco and Bayara Souk.

 FT as a part of EG Oman benefits from the Logistics and Shared Services support proved by EG and EO.


MDC logo

Majan Distribution Company (MDC) was established as a Joint Venture comp[any in 2014 with EO as the majority shareholder which  specialises in delivering brand distribution , sales and merchandising  solutions across the Sultanate, This pillar of Enhance Group is responsible for the NFIC ( Luna and Al Hamra ), Towell Unilever  Americana, Diamond, Bayara, Gandour,  Cool & Cool , Fogg  Agencies across the Sultanate.

MDC benefits from the Logistics and Shared Services provided by EG and EO.