Enhance UAE

W.J. Towell & Co, Dubai, established in 1972 has been a well-known distribution company in the United Arab Emirates with many leading international brands and trademarks within the portfolio. EG manages Enhance UAE ( EUAE )

EUAE provides Brand Distribution and Sales Management Solutions for its leading Busine Partners – Savola ( Afia ), American Garden , Tilda , Foster Clark, Enchanteur, Al Rifai, Tata Beverages,and Lotte .

The Company also operates provides for Logistics, invoicing and management support for NAPCO  and operates a successful Food Service business with its flagship brand Dilmah Tea being the leading tea partner to leading hotels in the UAE .

EUAE owns the HMB fragrance distribution business managing brands such as Brut, Denim , Royal Mirage and Eternal Love .

EUAE manages the Diamond and Sultan brands sourcing products across the Honey , Jams , Olives , Tinned Tuna, Coconut Milk Powder and Cornflakes categories and working closely with distributors across the region ,

EUAE/HMB is lead by Mr Koshy Mathew as the Chief Operating Officer.

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